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Be Safe

At the present time, wearing masks is optional for Stewpot Volunteers.




July Fourth Cookout

The Stewpot Fifth Wednesday & Thursday Teams prepared a delicious meal for the diners on Thursday, June 30. They prepared potato salad, coleslaw and a mixture of seasoned navy beans, black beans, and pinto beans. Nancy purchased about four hundred chicken legs and Nancy and Jason precooked them prior to the meal served on Thursday, June 30th. Jason reheated the chicken legs on charcoal grills prior to serving. They were delicious. I (Charlie Frith) can attest to that because I ate two of them. Lonnie and Jane Anne Spikes, Vicki Atchley (Pulaski Heights Presbyterian Church), and Nay Phillips from Ben E. Keith and Bren Davis from Stewpot served the food. The delicious smell of cooking chicken attracted lots of diners.



Jason Benbrook


Jason Benbrook was raised in Benton, AR but has lived in North Little Rock for the last several years. He is the father of two teenage girls. He works for his mother and stepfather, doing projects around their home. His mother has volunteered at Stewpot for many years and introduced him to it about three years ago. He immediately fell in love with Stewpot and the people that are served through their service. His favorite projects are the cookouts where Stewpot provides special meals for their diners. At various cookouts, Stewpot has served hamburgers, hot dogs, barbecue and chicken legs. He looks forward to many more years of service at Stewpot.




The Stewpot held a Memorial Day cookout for the Stewpot diners on Thursday, May 19. The regular Thursday team prepared the food and Nancy and Lee Carter, Adrienne Kulousek, Shirley Garlington and Kay McCollum served the food. Jason and Sherry grilled hotdogs, nearly 500 of them. The diners also had homemade potato salad, coleslaw, and special chocolate trifle for dessert.

A special Thanks to Michael Dean Shelton for photographing the special event.



Nay Phillips


Nay Phillips works for Ben E Keith Foods. He first started in the warehouse and worked on the forklift for about 3
years. When there was an opening in receiving, he applied fr the position, got it and worked in it for about 4 years. Then he drove for the company for the next 10 years. He also delivered to the Stewpot as well. He has known Ed Brown for many years. Nay got an opportunity to become a sales rep for the company about 1 1/2 years ago and then another opportunity arose to get the Stewpot account as well. In September, he will have been with Ben E Keith Foods for 18 years. He loves to come to the Stewpot on his lunch hour for special meals and cookouts to give his time to help the Stewpot diners.

If you see Nay at one of these functions, please tell him "Thank You" from the Stewpot.


Special SonicTreat


Nancy Carter, s Stewpot Board member, invited Jacksonville Sonic to bring a meal for the Stewpot Diners. They brought 160 sacks each containing a hotdog on a bun, a corndog, and a carton of tater tots. Stewpot served drinks and homemade chocolate trifle. The First Wednesday Team (Charlie & Charlotte Frith, Nancy & Lee Carter, Dwane Tankersley, Scott Hiers and Nay Phillips) helped with the meal.

A special Thanks to Michael Dean Shelton for photographing the special event.


Clothes Closet Update


Charlie Frith recently picked up four large boxes of shoes from Fleet Feet. Fleet Feet is located in the Pleasant Ridge Shopping Center on Cantrell Road. Fleet Feet regularly donates shoes to the Stewpot. Shoes are one of the items that Stewpot always needs.
Barbara reports we are now seeing more women than ever. We are happy to have Tuesday as our special day each week for our ladies. Please consider donating bags and purses along with casual clothing and shoes.







Easter Lunch at the Stewpot

Stewpot served a special Easter lunch on Thursday, December 14 from 12:00 to 1:00 pm. The food consisted of gourmet macaroni and cheese with ham, potatoes and green beans and a fruit salad. Multiple homemade cookies were available for dessert. The regular Second Thursday team prepared the food, and The First Wednesday team served the lunch and included Charlie and Charlotte Frith, Nancy Carter, Tammy Pflug, Scott Hiers and Dwane Tankersley. The weather was delightful, and the dogwood trees and azaleas were beautiful in the courtyard. The diners certainly enjoyed their Easter feast.


Stewpot Backpacks from CADC

The mission of Central Arkansas Development Council (CADC) is to alleviate the causes and conditions of poverty, to help Vulnerable populations achieve their potential, and to build strong communities in Arkansas through Community Action.

The role of CADC is to develop and deliver the programs and services that can meet the needs of hard-working low-income families and rural communities. It’s their mission and purpose to encourage and empower each person to take action, identify problems, create solutions, and generate results in the war on poverty. For over 50 years, CADC has delivered the promise of community action, changing people’s lives, embodying the spirit of hope, improving communities, and making America a better place to live.

CADC delivered 135 backpacks to the Stewpot diners on Thursday, April 28th. Each backpack contained the following: a poncho, bottle of hand sanitizer, large packages of wipes, 2 pairs of socks, a cap, a package of masks, a towel, a small
flashlight and a bag of hygiene products.


Stewpot Meal on April 28th

The 4th Thursday Stewpot Team prepared a meal consisting of the following: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a cheese sandwich, coleslaw, package of Cheese Bits and cookies. Drinks included coffee, punch and water.



Chicken Wraps at the Stewpot

The Stewpot First Wednesday Group served a favorite meal to the diners on Wednesday, May 4 - Chicken Wraps. The wraps consisted of a mixture of chicken, onions, cheese and lettuce seasoned with Asian Sesame Toasted dressing. An assembly line was formed and individuals added the to a large flour tortilla. The tortilla was folded and wrapped in individual papers. The wrapped was served along with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a large package of ranch dressing, cookies and a package of potato chips. Nancy says that the wraps are one of the favorite meals of the diners. To a short video of the making, click on Making Wraps Video below.

Making Wraps Video