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KARK Comes to the Stewpot

Each year, on our parent company's birthday, Nexstar, stations across the country give back to their community in what we call, "Nexstar's Founder's Day of Caring." We get out into our community that we love and serve in many ways. This year, we enjoyed picking up litter, volunteering at the animal shelter, holding a book drive, and serving lunch to citizens of Little Rock at the Stewpot. At the Stewpot, our employees met lots of locals and loved seeing the work that takes place there. 

To See a video, click on the link below. If video is muted, unmute for sound.



Stewpot Serves Chick-fil-A Chick Strips and Fruit to Stewpot Diners

The Stewpot diners were served a special treat on Wednesday, May 10. Chicken strips and fresh fruit were purchased from Chick-fil-A and served along with baked beans, chips and Pillsbury cinnamon cream cheese mini bagels for dessert.


Memorial Day Cookout

Stewpot prepared a Special Taco Thursday for Memorial Day on May 25th. Two beef tacos, baked beans, and Mexican rice were served along with Krispy Creme Bites for dessert. A mixture of lettuce, tomatoes and cheese was placed on each taco.

To see a short video of Taco Thursday, click on the video link below.

Taco Thursday Video



Charles Frith Compiles a Short History about the Stewpot - 1976 - 2023

Charlie Frith, past Stewpot Board Chair, has recently compiled a short history about the Little Rock Stewpot. The book has 56 pages and contains many color photos. It can be purchased from for $28.00 which includes tax and shipping.

To view a PDF file of the book, click on the link below:

Stewpot History

To buy a copy of the book, click on the link below:

Buy Book



A (Very Proud) Southerner, Humanitarian, Razorback Football Fan, Lover of Cupcakes and Starbucks. Photography has allowed me to express the beauty of world around me and to champion the place and the causes that I love.
Michael has developed a legacy for Stewpot. His website offers a series of some of his most spectacular photographs as wall art on different media. In addition to wall art, the website also offers stationery, apparel and much more. 100% of all of the money raised from the images within this collection will go directly to the Stewpot to help them to continue to be of service to those in need. To visit his website and to purchase items, click on the link below.

Michael's Website