The Little Rock Stewpot needs Volunteers every day to help feed the hungry.

Here are some volunteer opportunities:

  • Team Captain - organize and supervise a team, prepare food, serve, cleanup, 9am-1:30pm
  • Daily serving teams - 7 - 8 people from 11a.m. - 1:15 p.m. Often a church will cover the same day each month. (i.e., first Thursday)
  • Donate food - gallon size cans of vegetables, fruit, soup. Packaged cookies and crackers. Frozen meat.
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Donate Clothes (Men's and Women's jeans, shoes and casual shirts are most needed).
  • Pick up donated food from Rice Depot, Potluck or other food banks (requires heaving lifting and a truck or SUV)
  • Organize food in pantry
  • Pick up donated food from Community Bakery

To volunteer at the Stewpot, contact our volunteer chairperson:

Jan Van Ness-


Some of the Thankful Comments from Stewpot Volunteers

  • I get to eat left over goodies from Community Bakery.
  • It gets my wife out of the house!
  • For all of the volunteers past and present and for those that began this ministry over 40 years ago.
  • Our cook - Scott Seidenschwarz
  • I am very grateful for the crew I work with at Stewpot.
  • I am thankful for the people who extend themselves for the benefit of others.  It is a pure form of love. I am grateful for the fellowship with fellow cooks.  I love my co-workers!  And we love Ed and Ced and Ken!
  • I love that Stewpot has fed the downtown homeless people for over 45 years with dignity and no judgement.
  • Jesus said, "Feed my sheep" and so being able to help cook, serve and feed others is indeed a blessing to me.
  • Thankful for God letting me help others at Stewpot.
  • Stewpot and the Clothes Closet make my week.  I receive much more than I give!
  • Good food that is free and "Hits the Spot."  You can't do any better than that.
  • I am grateful for the Stewpot Clothes Closet, which helped a friend of mine who lost her clothing in a fire.
  • There are still good people doing good things in Arkansas.
  • I am thankful for the 1st Pres members and staff that open their facility for Stewpot.
  • Thankful for the opportunity to serve folks in need and for the fellowship among those who work at Stewpot.
  • I am so thankful to be involved in a church that supports a ministry of this kind.  I appreciate the leadership of Stewpot.  The organization is amazing when you consider the numbers that pass through on a regular basis.
  • When I see homeless people, I am reminded that I am blessed to have all of the necessities of life. Serving Stewpot gives me a chance to serve God by serving the homeless.
  • Thanks for the Stewpot Cooks.  They are always prepared.
  • Ed - always very helpful and performs many tasks.
  • Thanks for 1st Pres for offering their facilities.
  • I am thankful for all of the lovely people who come for lunch and allow me to serve them.  That's a great gift!